Minneapolis Student Housing for Students from St. Cloud, Minnesota

The University of Minnesota and other colleges in the Minneapolis, MN, area have many students from St. Cloud, MN. If you are from the St. Cloud, MN, area and attending school in the Twin Cities, you may be ready to move off campus to housing that gives you more privacy and space. At Dinkytown Rentals, we have immaculate and highly secure student housing right on the border of the University of Minnesota’s campus, available for students from St. Cloud, MN.

Dinkytown Rentals has been serving the students attending the University of Minnesota, Augsburg University, and other colleges in the Twin Cities. We are alumni-owned and strive to provide secure housing for students who want to stay close to the campus and have a larger space for their personal needs. Our rentals are inclusive and have many advantages that other housing in the area may not offer.

University of Minnesota Off-Campus Housing for St. Cloud, MN

Dinkytown Rentals has many housing options for students that are looking to move off-campus or just beginning their college experience in Minneapolis. If you live in St. Cloud, MN, and plan to move to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota, we want to make your transition easier. Our rentals are primarily located in Dinkytown, the community adjacent to the U of M, Twin Cities. Some of the advantages we offer for our students include:

  • All utilities are included
  • Laundry and parking on-site (where available )
  • No hidden fees or bill-backs
  • Well-lit parking areas
  • State-of-the-art locks for optimal security
  • In-house maintenance and snow removal
  • Our office is located right in Dinkytown

Our staff at Dinkytown Rentals will help make your move simple and stress-free. We can start the rental process by scheduling a tour or assisting you with obtaining a rental application.

Moving to Minneapolis from St. Cloud?

If you live in St. Cloud, MN, and are accepting a position in Minneapolis or attending grad school, you may be looking for a secure apartment home between downtown and campus. The Endurance is a premium apartment home building located four blocks from Dinkytown, ideal for young professionals or graduate students who want to be close to campus. The Endurance is ideal for bike transportation – it has bike-in, bike-out access and bike storage on-site. We have one and two-bedroom units, all beautifully designed, in a quiet and safe building.

Whether you are starting your college journey or beginning graduate school or an internship in Minneapolis, Dinkytown Rentals has secure housing available near the University of Minnesota campus. If you are from St. Cloud, MN, and moving to Minneapolis, contact our team to learn more about our premium apartments and housing options.

Hear from our Residents

“Dinkytown Rentals has been my home away from home near the University of Minnesota campus, and the location is an absolute game-changer. Living just a stone’s throw away from my classes has made my daily routine effortless and stress-free. But it’s not just about academics – the premier neighborhood they’re nestled in is a hub of activity. From delicious restaurants to trendy shops, I never had to venture far for anything I needed. Thanks to Dinkytown Rentals, I had the best of both worlds: a convenient living situation and a vibrant social life.”


“My college experience was defined by the memories I created, and Dinkytown Rentals played a significant role in that. The proximity of their properties to the University of Minnesota campus meant I could easily make it to class on time, but what truly set them apart was being in Dinkytown’s lively atmosphere. The array of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options right at my doorstep ensured that there was never a dull moment. Thanks to Dinkytown Rentals, my social life flourished, and I enjoyed every minute of my time at university.”

“Dinkytown Rentals not only provided me with a comfortable living space but also exceptional service that made a world of difference. Their properties near the University of Minnesota campus are situated in the best spot on campus. However, what truly stood out was their attentive and prompt service. Any maintenance requests or concerns I had were met with professionalism and quick resolutions. This level of care made me feel valued and supported throughout my time as their tenant. If you’re looking for a responsive and caring rental company, Dinkytown Rentals is the way to go.”

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